NEW Online Enhanced Authentication Security for Online Banking

Online fraud techniques are becoming more sophisticated, so the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has called on banks to make Online Banking authentication/login more secure.

F&M Trust has taken a proactive approach to protect you by implementing NEW Online Banking login processes for personal and small business accounts. 

The following changes became effective July 2013:
  - Remove
Authentication Image
  - Remove Authentication Phrase
  - Remove User-Created Challenge Questions
  - Add One-Time Security Code Authentication (see below)
  - Add System-Generated Security Questions (see below)

When you login to Online Banking from a new computer or location, you may be asked to validate your identity by:
1.  One-Time Security Code Authentication
2.  System-Generated Security Questions

One-Time Security Code Authentication
If you select One-Time Security Code Authentication, you will have the following options:
1.  Phone Authentication - you will receive a one-time security
code on the Online Banking screen.  Speak or Dial this security
code on the telephone when you receive the automated call.

2.  Text Message (SMS) Authentication - you will receive a one-time security code by SMS text message.  Enter this security code on your Online Banking login page. 

System-Generated Security Questions
System-Generated Security Questions (also known as "Out of Wallet" questions) are based on information in public records. 
Sample Question: Which of the following is your current mortgage-holder?

Please note: it is essential that you add all of your contact phone numbers to your F&M Trust Online Banking account profile.  To do this, log onto online banking, click on the "Customer Service" tab and "Manage Contact Information" to review and update your telephone numbers. 

We are working hard to make this a seamless transition, and we encourage you to voice any questions or concerns you may have about the new Online Banking login process.  Please call our Data Operations Department at 717-262-7511 or toll free at 888-264-6116 for questions or help with this new process.

Online Trust Access Enhanced Authentication Security

Beginning in the fall of 2014, F&M Trust will also implement a new, more secure sign on process for Online Trust Access.

With this update, you can expect a two-step login process that may require answering a single security question that you previously answered when you first registered your account. You will be prompted to enter your current username and password, and "register your account" by entering a description on your screen along with answering 3 security questions.

Your picture will be displayed upon subsequent log-ins and you will be asked one of the three questions.

You will also have the option of registering your computer or leaving it public. Registering your computer will enable you to login without being asked the security question during sign on process. A computer that is not registered, or is public, will be asked one of the security questions. We highly recommend that if you are accessing your account from a public computer that you do NOT select the option to register your computer.

If you have any questions, please contact your account officer or our Investment & Trust Services Department at (717) 261-3569 or (888) 264-6116 during regular business hours.