Trust Services

Utilizing a bank trust department is an excellent idea for many reasons.  Trust departments like ours, generally manage investments, settle estates, establish guardianships, or administer trusts.  But we can do so much more. Here’s a sampling of some of our trust services:

Personal Trust – An agreement is established where a trustee is authorized to work on behalf of the individual creating the trust to safeguard and handle their financial affairs. The trustee’s duties can include investment management, bill paying, distributions and receipts.

Trust Under Will – By creating a Trust Under Will, you maintain the control regarding the management and distribution of your assets until death.

Charitable Trust – A charitable trust can be created to leave a legacy to the charitable organization of your choice.  Clients often select a religious organization, school, non-profit organization, or other qualifying entity as the beneficiary. Your charitable concerns or desires can be accomplished while you are living or through your will.

Financial guardianship – F&M Trust can serve as an impartial third party to manage and maintain a client’s financial assets and affairs for either a minor or adult who is unable to do so.

Financial Power of Attorney – When an individual is unable to manage their own affairs, our trust department can be named Financial Power of Attorney.  As an impartial third party, we are charged to manage a client’s affairs in a manner consistent with their goals and wishes.

Investment Management – Our relationship managers approach each client individually, listening to their needs and goals before setting up a plan that fits the client’s situation and enables them to reach their financial goals.

Estate Settlement – Our dedicated estate settlement group has years of experience handling the details of liquidating assets, settling estates, completing tax returns and distributing assets per the direction of a will. We often handle these duties when a family member is appointed trustee, and doesn’t have the time, resources, or experience to complete their trustee duties.

Will review – Although we do not write wills, we can work with you and your attorney to ensure that your current will is up to date and continues to meet your objectives.

Estate Planning/wealth transfer – The prospect of estate planning and wealth transfer can be complicated for many individuals. Using a team approach, we consult with your attorney, tax advisor and other financial professionals to complete your estate planning and wealth transfer in an efficient manner.

Special Needs Trust – For loved ones that require special attention to their needs today and into the future, a special needs trust can give you peace of mind. We are experienced in understanding the needs and legal issues surrounding the complexity of having a minor or adult family member who may benefit from the establishment of a Special Needs Trust.

For more information on our trust services or to schedule a no-obligation appointment to discuss your financial goals, call (717) 261-3569 or (888) 264-6116.

Or find out more information about our Trust service professionals and contact them directly.  We invite you to get to know more about each of them by reading their biographies.

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